Peplum skirts are still hot news right now and so are pencil skirts, this peplum pencil skirt offers you the best of both but it doesn’t stop there! Trendy and stylish lace detail directly beneath the peplum peeps out to create a fresh contrast offering you a very unique alternative to these fabulous designs.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce know only too well that peplum helps to accentuate the female form to help create the ideal hourglass figure and fashion followers alike have quickly followed suit. Peplum skirts are ideal for all shapes and sizes whether you are trying to conceal areas or trying to fake killer curves!

The berry lace peplum skirt from Miss Selfridge is a fresh new shade of berry perfect for the festive season and this skirt would look great for any semi-formal possibly formal occasion but also great for fun nights out. Wear with tucked in blouses or body tops and don’t forget those killer heels to accentuate those lovely legs.


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