We can never have enough hoodies! Asda George now have a brand new Dcode fashionable forward range, to update our wardrobes.

The Dcode George hoody is available in three different shades of navy, burgundy and grey, and each design offers simplicity with style in the form of shoulder and elbow pad detailing. These plain and simple hoodies are super cool yet practical at the same time, and are ideal wardrobe staples for general casual daywear or sporting enthusiasts.

There is no age limit when it comes to hoodies, young or old we love them! They have been around for years yet they continue to remain as popular as ever. George Dcode hoodies are super cool, stylish and snug and they keep us warm. The new Dcode design is a very modern edge that will help create an effortless stylish persona. They are styled best when simply worn with jeans or track bottoms.


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