Dipped hem line skirts and dresses have been extremely popular of late and the trend is expected to stay around for some time. Women everywhere love this sexy but discreet style of dress because it allows you to flash some flesh but in a rather classy way. Perfect for flashing off those pre summer tanned holiday pins but not as revealing, this makes them ideal attire for autumn/winter wear.

We are not ready to put away our summer wardrobes just yet but with temperatures dropping like the drop of a hat, we simply have no choice! At least with dipped hem skirts we can still get that summer sexy vibe but in something a little more practical as only the fronts of your gorgeous pins are on show in this skirt.

The red rust is a very festive shade for autumn/winter and fits in nicely with the seasonal changes, while the black one is an ideal choice for those who want to look classy and elegant. Try dressing up this dipped hem skirt with very on trend leather biker jackets and studded ankle boots from New Look.


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