Faux fur is everywhere this season and we have a perfect example, this stunningly beautiful waistcoat is a must have wardrobe necessity for wintery months. It’s cool and cosy and ultra stylish!

Sometimes we need warmth but not the feeling of being trapped and can’t move in our winter coats, this is when a waistcoat like this becomes ideal! It’s great for drivers and it’s great for shoppers who are constantly being exposed to different temperatures when in and out of shops. Anyone and any age can look super stylish in a waistcoat like this.

Faux fur is one of the hottest trends around this season and this is great way of incorporating that into your style! We love that we can now showcase our lovely knits which are also popular trends this season because by popping on this waistcoat we obtain warmth without being too covered up, thus hiding our style!


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