For a perfect silhouette a body suit is an absolute must, it holds you in and smoothes out body proportions beautifully to enable you to achieve that glamorous Hollywood physique that celebrities favour for red carpet events.
Everybody can improve their look by wearing the F+F Magic Body suit underneath dresses to gain a more flattering result; as if by magic people can only assume you worked hard in the gym to get that body shape!

The F+F magic body suit is designed to flatten tummy’s and lift bums, every girl’s best friend! This design can be worn underneath garments or simply used as a corset top to compliment any outfit. Try popping a cropped jacket over this and see the amazing results! Under wires offer support and adjustable removable straps with easy up press stud fastenings offer comfort and practicality.

We love that this product is a super quick fix for an event that has sprung up out the blue, no time for the gym? No need as the Magic body suit will work wonders, try it now!


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