Girls, we all love our trainers don’t we? They are incredibly comfy but sometimes they do not do much for our legs, accept make them appear short! Unless your blessed with incredibly long and slim pins, lucky you! Then these glitter zig zag wedge hi-tops could be your saving grace. We get the look of casual sport but with the height of Naomi Campbell, perfect!

The new glitter zig zag wedge hi-tops is a trend following on from the summer and its set to stay around this season, New Look have introduced a sexy glitter version which is perfect for the festive season, and because they are so blingingly gorgeous they do not have to be worn for just casual days, these wedges can really be glammed up. We love how they have a unique urban vibe about them. Think Rihanna and Rita Ora and you will get the idea on how to style these cool hi-tops!

Available in black, grey and purple.


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