The brand new Penguin bucket bag by Friis & Company is stylish and practically perfect for your everyday needs. It’s big enough to hold all those accessories that we girls like to take with us everywhere and it’s stylish enough to keep us on top form with up to the minute fashion.

The Penguin bucket bag is a new variation of the ‘onion bag’ which all know and love! It’s shaped like an onion yet big as a bucket. We love that this design fits in nicely with the current theme of faux leather which is absolutely everywhere right and if you are not brave enough to wear the current trend, then this might be a great way of introducing it into your wardrobe subtly.

The bag features an incredibly soft faux leather which is easy to hold and soft to touch. The drawstring and popper button fasten allows ease of use. The three compartments including very useful mobile phone holder and zip close allow us to be organised and secure. Also features a practical adjustable strap to suit all.


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