This men’s Adidas polyester tracksuit featuring the infamous 3-stripes is a perfect choice for any man; it offers a cool laid back casual look that is super trendy, extremely comfortable and very easy to wear. Detail features a zip up collared jacket with two pockets and embroidered logo and easy wear drawstring trousers!

This design will last you through the seasons; it’s made out of polyester which is warm enough for winter yet cool enough for summer! They are incredibly easy to wear with no effort required with regards to styling; simply pop it on, slip on your best pumps and off you go! Perfect for day wear or even the gym!

The design is available in many different colour combinations so there is something for everyone; however we particularly love this black and white monochrome version – very ‘in’ right now! With a wide range of sizes available, it shouldn’t be a problem finding the right fit for you.


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