There is no denying that peplum style is big news right now. Whether it’s dresses, tops or jackets everyone seems to love this trend. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian is very rarely seen in anything else and we often see the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing peplum jackets and tops fairly often too.

So why is peplum so popular? Peplum flatters all shapes and sizes and it’s as simple as that really! For slimmer girls it will help create curves for a more hourglass shape and for curvier girls it will cinch you in to highlight a much desired waist line whilst cleverly distract from other areas.

New Look have a new design mesh peplum top in this season’s hot shades of deep red and purple which are ideal for autumn/winter months. The mesh detail adds sexiness to the top but in a rather subtle and classy way. Perfect for parties!


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