This slinky sequin mini dress ensures an eye-catching look, hypnotic in its shifting patterns of light and colour. The long sleeves add class to the outfit, pulling focus to the sexy v-cut back view that nicely compliments the 80s retro look in front. Its velvety lining makes it comfortable and easy to move in, for the passionate dancers.

The flattering cut will create an hourglass shape, balancing out the shoulders and hips, while light shining off the sequins in mesmerizing waves will accent curves and lead the gaze to the elegantly bared legs.

This dress makes accessories unnecessary, forming a look all on its own, but we do love to dress up and play around with style. Worn with a leather jacket and plain black boots or wedges, it can easily turn into a casual punk fashion statement. Spiky heels make it into a club dress, and combined with a smart jacket and more conservative pumps it makes for lovely cocktail attire.


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