We know dessert boots have been around for some time, 60 years in fact! But the cult classic dessert boot is back with a vengeance and it’s set to stay!

Originating from British military style, dessert boots have come and gone over the years but of late they have a new found popularity among savvy fashion followers. Lacoste highlighted the trend this year by pairing the suede dessert boots with rolled up chinos creating a modern edge. They also look fab when worn with trendy skinny fitted dark denims.

Over the years we have seen the likes of Steve McQueen to Liam Gallagher sporting dessert boots and even rap stars have championed this trend, thus proving any age can rock this style.

Asda George combines classic with modern day living – their suede dessert boots offer practicality with comfort and style, and are very suitable for work wear or for casual day wear. They have a choice of two colours: navy or stone.


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